About Us

Six Founder Members has formed “REAAK” (REAL ESTATE AGENTS ASSOCIATION OF KANDIVALI) in the year 2001, which was registered in the year 06/09/2003.

Purpose to form the Association:
1. To enhance the image-from a broker to a consultant.

2. To undertake activities for regulation and promotion of real estate business,

3. To improve fellowship and co-operation in realty business.

4. To take advice from various experts of real estate on technical,non technical and legal matters.

5. To educate members in respect of various laws,rules and regulation,government policies.

Glimpse of our past:
Our scroll of Honours.
Tenure President Secretary
Tenure President Secretary
2001 – 2002
2002 – 2004
2004 – 2006
2006 – 2008
2008 – 2010
2010 – 2013
2013 – 2015
Mr.Naishadh Shah
Mr.Sanjay Valia
Mr.Manish Dedhia
Mr.Mitesh Shah
Mr.Yaswant Thakker
Mr.Mitesh Shah
Mr.Mitesh Shah
Mr.Manish Dedhia
Mr.Manish Dedhia
Mr.Ramakant Thakur
Mr.Yashwant Thakkar
Mr.Ketan Thakker
Mr.Anish Shah
Mr.Ajay Shah